Giving Thanks for our Wonderful Volunteers

We are engaging lots of people from our community in a conversation about the future of Essex. This is a big undertaking and we couldn’t do it without many dedicated volunteers. We want to give special thanks today to over 30 community members who are facilitating Neighborhood Conversations. These conversations started in October and will be happening in Essex homes, businesses and schools through January of 2013. We just couldn’t have done this without our volunteer facilitators. If you see them around, please thank them for their service to our community. Here they are:

Andrew Baker
Kate Brayton
Donna Canniff
Nina Curtiss
Greg Duggan
Doreen Gianelli
Sossina Gutema
Negesse Gutema
Chris Halpin
Linda Hasan
Wendy Johnson
Liza Killcoyne
Jennifer Larsen
Tina Logan
Brad Luck
Susan McCormack
Dawn McGinnis
Stephanie Meunier
Vasanthi Meyette
Sharon Pitterson Ogaldez
Sam Quinn
Stephanie Ratte
Kat Redniss
Kristen Rengo
Kyle Riester
Gabrielle Smith
Katherine Sonnick
Sarah Sturm
Liz Subin
Lisa Torchiano
Margaret Turvey
Linda Waite-Simpson
Symphony White

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