Something wonderful is happening in Essex!

People are meeting in small groups in living rooms, the library, church basements, and other places to talk about the future of our community. We are hearing from business leaders, New Americans, sports enthusiasts, teens, LGBTQ community members, people of color, and many more. We are reconnecting with old friends and meeting new ones. We are learning what all of these people value about our community and capturing their hopes for the future.

We’ll be sharing the results of these conversations early next winter. In the meantime, this is what we can tell you right away. The depth of commitment to Essex runs deep among the over 130 people who have participated so far. People love this community and want to be an active participant in creating a successful future.

Still to come …. conversations are being scheduled through mid-January with artists, among youth, faith groups, neighborhood groups, Essex town and village planning commissions and more. There is still time to add your voice! If you want to host a conversation, or participate in one, please contact Lori Houghton.



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