Conjure Ideas and Make them Real…

Thoughts are just as big as the electrons they occupy.
So you are making something very very real just by
Thinking it.
Conjure ideas and make them real.
The question is do you feel
strong enough to create
to make something great
to take an idea
from it’s original virtual state
to something bigger than your head
To something that you’ve said.
Look further ahead.
Make it a revolution that you led.
For in your head
An idea is just an idea
but outside
of your mind
it can be redefined,
it can be designed,
it can be combined,
don’t leave it in your head
where it is undefined,
where it can be undermined
by your own thoughts.
Where it can be fought
by your own fear of being extraordinary.
For none are ordinary
their ideas are just too big or scary
for themselves.
So be brave.
Take that brain wave.
Let it unwind.
Let it crash into the world.
Your mind,
That is exactly what can and will
change the world.

-Kayhl Cooper

* This poem was written and submitted to the Young Writer’s Project by our very own Kayhl Cooper whose thoughts, words and actions inspire us all. Thanks, Kayhl!

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