An inspiring talk about Slow Democracy…An appreciation celebration for our amazing hosts and facilitators…A wonderful night at Phoenix Books!!

We can never thank community volunteers enough. “Heart and Soul of Essex” had a great event at Phoenix Books in Essex to thank the many volunteers who hosted and facilitated Neighborhood Conversations, as part of their two-year vision-to-action process.

“I want to thank you again for your creativity in linking your Heart & Soul
appreciation event with the Slow Democracy book talk. It made for one of
most thoughtful discussions and engaged audiences I’ve had the pleasure of
addressing so far with this book. It was a lot of fun!

I am really impressed with the quality and energy of the volunteers you’ve
engaged. I know how hard it is from the inside, and I know that you’re
sensitive to the many issues and potential roadblocks coming up… But as
you know, that’s the story of this work. It really looks like Essex H&S has
a lot of momentum, and wow, you’re doing a great job.” – Susan Clark

Thank you Susan Clark, Phoenix Books and the Heart & Soul volunteers for making this night such a treat for all. Please be sure to visit the Slow Democracy website and “like” it on Facebook!

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