Opportunity is Local (Or: You Can’t Buy a New Economy)

health-communityCommunities have everything they need on hand to develop their people, places and economy.  The quotes below from a recent Project for Public Spaces blog fit right in with Heart & Soul planning.   Enjoy.

“The development of people and places is the same process.”

“Neighborhoods need to define their priorities for themselves; in so doing, they often discover that there are untapped opportunities to grow their own local economies, without needing to import talent from elsewhere. Even if your city’s brand is busted, your community is still capable of re-building itself. As Jane Jacobs once argued, “the best cities are actually federations of great neighborhoods.”

 “If your strategy for improving local economic prospects is to drink some other city’s milkshake, you won’t get very far… To really grow an economy, opportunity has to be developed organically within each community….”

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