Two Opportunities to Weigh in about Future Growth in Essex

thoughtful growth chart FINALHave you noticed all the development happening around Essex?  The pace is fast and more is on the way.  On July 18th and July 25th the village and town planning commissions are holding two meetings about several projects and that could affect the urban and rural landscape of Essex for years to come.

Please attend these meetings to learn more and weigh in about what is being planned.  Here are a few ideas to help you get the most from your participation.

1. As you listen, REFLECT on whether the proposals are in keeping with what matters to community members.  Heart & Soul of Essex participants have identified Thoughtful Growth as one of six core community values.   Ask yourself whether these proposals will enhance or compromise this value.  Below is a definition of what Thoughtful Growth means to our community

  • A balance of housing, business, and the preservation and maintenance of a variety of open spaces, including forests, trails, parks, and recreation fields

  • Economic development that provides gov’t and community support for a diverse mix of start-ups and local businesses as well as the development of green businesses

  • Balanced and thoughtful planning & zoning with citizen input

  • A variety of housing options including affordable housing

  • A connected, coordinated transportation system that increases efficient traffic flow, and adds public transportation, walking and biking options

  • Conservation of open spaces through a land trust or land acquisition fund

  • A focus on aesthetics including landscaping, flowers, and trees

2. SPEAK UP during the public comment period

  • PRAISE the parts of the proposal that you believe will enhance Thoughtful Growth or other core community values (Local Economy, Health & Recreation, Community Connections, Education, Safety).
  • RAISE concerns about the parts of the proposals that you believe will compromise Thoughtful Growth or other core community values

 This is an exciting time for Essex.  You have a chance to help us shape our future.  We hope to see you at the meetings.

Click below for agendas

Village Planning Commission
Thursday, July 18 at 6:00 p.m.
Village Offices, Lincoln Street at 5 Corners

Town Planning Commission
Thursday, July 25 at 6:30 p.m.
Essex High School

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