Lots of Heart & Soul at the Essex Junction Block Party!

We love events that celebrate and enhance life in Essex (Heart & Soul Community Values).

A great time was had by all at EJ Block Party 2013!  So many smiling faces, so much CONVERSATION! Did you get in the canoe?? Learn anything new?

Thank you to all of our Fabulous Volunteers for helping out! It was great to see so many H&S T-shirts on the block. Keep wearing those values and JOIN US ON SEPTEMBER 25TH FOR THE COMMUNITY ACTION SUMMIT AT EHS!

2 thoughts on “Lots of Heart & Soul at the Essex Junction Block Party!

  1. Sharon Pitterson-Ogaldez

    Hi Everyone,
    Great work! I love the conversation canoe idea, how brilliant!
    I also miss being there with you to see the the results of the hard work. I love the new values t-shirts I see in the photos. It is always a pleasure to see ideas come to life in building a community.

    Good luck at the summit next month.


    1. Susan McCormack

      Hi Sharon – its so great to hear from you! We hope you are doing well and we miss you. It was great to have you as part of our team when we were getting Heart & Soul off the ground. Please stay in touch.


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