Making Mobiles to Express Community Values

Installation15v2_1Mobilizing Our Community: Next month students from Essex High School, Essex Middle School, ADL, Fleming and Westford will work with sculptor Kevin Reese to create permanent pieces of public art that will express our Community Values. Students have submitted sketches based on what these words and phrases mean to them and these will inform the overall design. The result will be a giant mobile (120′ x 60′) that will be displayed in the cafeteria of EHS! When the installation comes down, businesses, families and individuals who support the project will get a mobile for their home, lobby or store front These mobiles will be spread throughout the community and will create a visual reminder of what we care most about.

The community is invited to participate in mobile making with Kevin Reese on Saturday, November 16th from 10 a.m. – 12 p.m.  Join us on Thursday, November 21st for a Celebration Reception with all our young artists and enjoy a performance of “A Balancing Act” a one man show about mobiles and why they amaze us!

Click on the photo below for more information about the Mobiles project and how you can get involved!





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