Your Voice Matters! May 1st Planning Commission meeting – important!

The Time is now!

You are invited to attend the Village Planning Commission meeting tonight, May 1st, from 6:00-8:00 at the Village office located at 2 Lincoln St.

Why is this meeting so important?

It is important because the village is working NOW on it’s Comprehensive Plan.  This is a document that frames the work and initiatives for our village for the next several years.

And tonight, May 1st 6-8, they will be talking about the Village Center, our Downtown.

The Commission wants to hear your ideas.  Come to the table.  What do you want for our Village?

Bring your ideas and questions.  Bring your hopes and dreams and go!

Do you know who is on the Village of Essex Junction Planning Commission?  Here they are:
Diane Clemens (Chair), John Alden, Nick Meyer, Aaron Martin, Andrew Boutin, Amber Thibeault, and David Nistico.

Do you know them?  They are our neighbors, our friends, people just like you and me.

This is our Village together!  See you at the meeting!

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