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The Essex Governance Group is a group of local leaders and residents working to engage Essex citizens in a conversation about ways we can continue to improve civic engagement and governance.During the Heart & Soul community planning process, Community Connections emerged as one of six core values.  What does Community Connections mean?  People in this community want to keep in touch and be informed.  They are interested in participating in our public life and want to have a say in community decisions.  Community members also express the desire to be inclusive and welcoming as our community changes and becomes more diverse.  Even so,

  • Under 2  % of our community attended town/village meeting last year
  • Under 14 % of registered voters voted in the last local elections
  • In a typical year, in order to participate in every Local, State and National vote, an Essex Town resident needs to vote 4 different times, a Village resident 5 times.
  • Our elected officials, board and commission members, and town meeting participants, do not reflect the growing ethnic diversity of our community

We think our community can do better but we need your help!

  1. Please take our short survey to let us know how you participate and share your priorities.
  2. Please Join Us on Saturday, Nov 8th from 12-4 the EHS cafeteria to talk with your fellow Essex residents and local leaders about how we vote in Essex – now and in the future
  • It will begin with a FREE lunch·      It will be interactive and we’ll have some prizes to give away

    ·      We will share the results of the survey

    ·      You will have a chance to share your ideas about how we can increase participation in our community

    Your voice and perspective will add a lot to the conversation and we really hope you will join us! For more information, please contact Heart and Soul of Essex



What’s Next? You decide.

Check out our blog for the latest news


Heart and Soul of Essex from Kayhl Cooper on Vimeo.

4 thoughts on “Essex Governance Group

  1. Judy Tiplady

    Hi, Thank you for being a part of our inservice and getting the word out about your project. I just wanted to touch base with you about an activity that the second grade team, our school librarian and I have come up with for this years K-12 showcase. We will be taking the book Balloons Over Broadway by Melissa Sweet and create our own version of the Macy Day Parade using the community theme with each student creating a paper mache balloon representing our student diversity. We plan to have them on display at the K-12 showcase as well as our second grade sharing evening. Judy Tiplady, art educator, Hiawatha School.

  2. Liz Subin

    Thanks for sharing, Judy. Sounds great! We would love to come photograph and/or video your process and be part of the conversation around community. Just let us know!

  3. sue kurek

    Your organization sounds great! Have you explored starting a community garden? Making the Essex community healthier with extending bike and walking paths to lace our communities together, would also be wonderful. These endeavors would allow for increased positive interaction between our residents of all ages.

    It would be great if our community would be known a a green community versus two communities that seem to not get along. Moving here from out of state I am still amazed at the fracture between the 2 communities. Together, Essex and Essex Center could really do some wonderful things.

    Thank you for all of the positive energy your organization has given to our community!

    P.S. A charging station, for electric cars, placed over by the railroad depot would be a great perk for the community!

    1. Susan McCormack Post author

      Hi Sue – thanks for your note. Great ideas! Your thoughts are well aligned with what we heard during the Neighborhood Conversations. Shortly, we will be announcing the results of those conversations and provide an opportunity for community members to weigh in on the shared values we uncovered, and offer action ideas through a brief survey. We’ll be sharing everyone’s ideas with our project partners and community leaders and will be providing an opportunity for the whole community to review these and set priorities for the future. Please check back soon for details.


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